It was 2012, I had been dating a guy for a year and he started to abuse me when we would argue. We’d always argue over him cheating and talking to other girls, but he ALWAYS found a way to turn it around me. This went on for 4 years. When I broke up with him, he came over to my house and I locked myself in my parent’s room so he couldn’t get to me and he busted a glass bowl over his head.

He was crazy. When I came out and saw what happened he had blood pouring down his face and my brother and his fiancé walked in and called 911 immediately. It had been snowing and I was forced to lie and say that he slipped outside and busted his head. A few month later, we had gotten back together and broke up again. I went to get my things from his house. He was high on Xanax and drunk, we got into a fight.

He grabbed me by my hair and pushed me up against my car and started punching my car door beside my head. His friend stood by watching and did nothing until his girlfriend came out screaming and crying telling him to get him off of me. When I was free, I quickly got into my car and he punched my window out. I left and went to a gas station nearby to use their phone because mine had died.

I pressed charges that night. I’m so happy I got away from him. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and overcame it all with the help of prayer and guidance.

No relationship is worth saving when you’re being abused.