I dated my first boyfriend when I was 14. He was 16, we met through a mutual friend who told me he was her brother (he wasn't). We started talking on the phone and texting all the time and we had a lot in common and he seemed really nice. We met at his work a few times and spent time together, he met my mother and step father and they both liked him a lot.

He ended up moving in with us, because he said his step father was abusive. Everything was going fine for the first couple weeks, and one day out of nowhere he snapped. He said he was going to put my head through the wall. I left and I was really scared, I'd never experienced anything like this and he apologized and I forgave him.

I didn't know what a normal healthy relationship was supposed to be, I thought maybe he didn't mean it and he wouldn't have an outburst again. The violence began to escalate, now it would be over little things or nothing at all. He told me I was a worthless whore and no one would ever love me like he did. He threw me into walls, he choked me, and he raped me countless times. He took me to a hotel and told me he was going to kill me, and that no one could hear me scream or help me.

This went on for 4 years until I finally got the courage to leave him for good. I wanted to believe he was a good person and worth trying to save, but he wasn't. He always said it'd never happen again, and he'd get help. He never did. I'm not only telling this for myself, I'm telling it for all of the other people he has abused. I'm not the only one, there's been at least 4 others.

He's still out there, finding people to manipulate, he has this way of making people see him as this good person, until he snaps and hurts them. He'll always tell them it's their fault, but it isn't. He's a terrible person, he shouldn't be allowed to do these things to anyone else. No one deserves abuse, I still live with the insecurities and trust issues that relationship gave me, but I am a lot happier now.

It can get better, and there are people who understand and will be there for anyone, I'll continue to use my voice when it comes to telling my story, thank you for allowing me to.

S. Jaimeson