I was with my boyfriend one night and I fell asleep which was unusual for me, but I was barely sleeping as it was I’ve been in a lot of pain recently. However he knew I was in this large amount of pain and didn’t want to be physical I thought he understood, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Whilst I was asleep he moved my body and took off my underwear I have no idea what exactly happened, but I do know when I woke up I was laid differently and he was there having his way with me. Right then I broke into a thousand pieces, questioning myself every day for the next 5 months asking if I really deserved this. Was this all I worth? It ruined my trust, it ruined my relationship hopes and dream, but even worse than all of that it ruined my relationship with my family.

I became a shell of a person, all thanks to one person ruining it for me. I spoke up I reported it and was surprised how much support I could receive just to cope now 5 months later I’m getting back on my feet, and realizing for myself I did nothing wrong, I didn’t deserve that, but that boy (because that’s all he is no man would ever do anything like this to you) deserves everything he’s going to get. I may not be 100% back to my old self but I am stronger I’m coping and I’m a survivor of someone who destroyed me.

The best thing I did was speak out about this, people will help and understand even if you feel like they aren’t there, they are sometimes people struggle but they care.