I met my ex-wife online, I'm kind of a loser so the fact an attractive woman wanted to date me was odd but not unheard of. We started out fine but then changes started to happen, small jokes about my weight comments about how I looked and acted. T

hen a drastic change where she forced me to drop from 215lbs down to my lowest 130, all in less than 3 months, all under the guise of it was for my health, we didn't have an intimate relationship in fact the only time we had sex ended in her hitting me and calling me worthless because I was taking too long to climax.

When we moved in together she refused to even sleep in the same room, never spent time with me unless it benefitted her all the while not allowing me to eat or basically sleep. She forced me to work out even though at the time I had 2 very physical jobs as well as all the house chores. I

'm pretty sure she was trying to poison me or have me die from exhaustion and or malnutrition. It all ended when I heard her having cybersex with a guy. I started to snap out of the brainwashing she put in my head about how worthless I was and that I couldn't do better than her. So I played along. Recorded our conversations where she freely admitted to the physical emotional and psychological abuse.

Then I caught her in the act having cybersex, that night she hit me several times accused me of cheating then broke a laptop across my face, I recorded all of this. I called the cops she played victim and since I was a guy they believed her. She filed a false report to get an order of protection, for over a month day after day she tried to break me and start fights.

I simply just recorded and carried on, during the divorce I gave my info to my lawyer who in turn won the case and also absolved me of all false reports of abuse against my wife. I should mention she was an immigrant from Cameroon Africa, I took all my evidence to immigration, I'm pretty sure she has since been deported for trying to falsely get a green card.

If I can give you the reader any advice not all victims are women, I was left with PTSD conversion disorder depression and anxiety 4 times higher than most that kill themselves. Do yourself a favor, either fight back or get the hell out of the bad situation yes its hard but at least you can live then. Good luck

S. Bazydlo