It’s started when I was 15 he was 18 the older guy I seemed so cool and thought he really loved me buying me flowers and complimenting me all day every day until one day after being together for 2 years. I couldn’t see him because my grandma who raised me had passed away and I wanted to be with my family.

I got home the next day and went straight round to see him as I walked in he locked the door behind me and grabbed me to the floor by my hair following that he ripped my clothes including my underwear off of me and inspected every inch of my body while calling me the most foulest things, he was adamant I’d cheated. He made me stay away all night kicking me punching me and even fracturing my jaw. I thought I was going to die but eventually he fell asleep and so did I in a flood of my own blood and tears. When he woke up, he started crying and apologizing and I felt so sorry and believed I was in the wrong for not answering so I forgave him.

The abuse continued for the next 18th months. One day we went to the pub for the lunch his treat the first through the whole relationship we had some food and drinks played some pool and then left the perfect afternoon I though until we got home and he accused me of flirting with the man in the next table then bang one blow straight into my eye and another to my mouth knocking my front tooth out and splitting my lip about another ten blows followed and then I blacked out and all I remembered was waking up in a hospital bed thinking now I can get away from it all.

This man had me feeling like I’d rather die than be alive like I worthless like I was so ugly and nobody cared for me. Well not anymore mate I shook with nerves and still thought about him every day and still in a weird way loved and missed him but I went to the police for the first time and reported everything and followed it all the way until he was sentenced to 5years And 3months. I cried with tears of happiness my life was beginning and I felt alive.

All these years later Andy it hasn’t been easy I’m still having nightmares and I still jump when people move quickly around me but I’m so much stronger now. I have a job a nice home and can see my friends and family whenever I like. He could have killed me but I’m still alive. Never give up there’s always hope