For 4 and half years I was with an abuser. For these years I was mentally, physically and emotionally abused. He isolated me from all my friends and took away every ounce of hope I ever had in life and we even have 2 kids together.

Every time I got my strength to up and leave for some reason he always hooked me back in just to watch me sink every time. I felt alone. I felt like I was nothing. I really felt like I had no reason to be alive. Our kids had been taken, I fell into a drug addiction and I pretty much was battling for my life.

I finally walked away. September of last year I finally walked away from it all. I’m cleansed, I feel better. I am now sober and I’m on the path to now get my kids back. My advice to any ladies out there is you aren't alone and there are people all over this world who have gone down similar paths.

I’m here today to say there is hope for a better life. You just have to be the one to take the next step and make your futures you’re not theirs. I know that’s easier said than done but you ladies can do it!!!!