When I was in college I met this boy. I thought he was amazing we had the same major and same classes. One day he asked me on a date and I said yes. To me, this was a regular date...not a commitment. Weeks go on and I start noticing some weird things... like for one I’m not allow to get food at the cafe without him. If he is in class or asleep then I can’t eat.

One day we were fighting about this and he wanted to pick me up to talk. So my stupid self-went... we go to this park by campus and he starts going crazy and yelling and I’m begging to go back to my dorm. He doesn’t let me go so I get out of the car and start walking... he eventually calmed me down and made me get in the car to go back.

A few months go by and I’ve been kicked out of classes because he won’t let me go to class. At this point I’m so scared, I have nowhere to go and no money. So I and he move in with 2 of his friends. This is the house he started smoking weed in, this is the house where the abuse started. I don’t remember what we was fighting about but it was so bad I locked myself in the bathroom upstairs.

When he got the door open he grabbed my head and slammed it into the door frame. About an hour later he apologized and I believed him. A couple months go by and he decided to threaten my friend (the lease holder) so he got us kicked out... so now I’m homeless because I can’t stay there without a car or phone or money. We find a house about a month later and he starts smoking weed everyday twice a day. Most of my memory from this house is blocked out... but I can tell you what made me leave.

One day I was having a bad day. I had been diagnosed with depression the day before and was on a lot of pills because I was suicidal (surprise right?) he starts going crazy again and I lock myself in the bathroom and now he’s threatening to break the door ... so I open it (it’s a renting house) at that time I am standing at the door and behind me is a metal laundry basket and the edge of a tiled shower wall. When he gets in he pushes I as hard as I’ve ever been pushed and I hit my head on the wall then fall on the basket.

When I look up at him he just says “I never hit you but you deserve it “and just walked out. Another thing I want to just throw in to show his state of mind. I was at the house one day and I start hearing someone walk through the house and I know he’s still at work so I start freaking out. I wasn’t allowed to be in the living room during the day because that meant I was cheating (yeah idk either) but anyways. I started asking if it was him and I never got a response now they are taking the door knob off the door and beating on it, I am screaming and crying because idk who is in the house... it was him. And he thought it was hilarious (it wasn’t) I know my story is so stupid compared to others but this really messed me up and I still have problems with trusting people.