Hi. My name is Ariale and I am a 26 year old mother of 4! About 2 years ago my husband and I were having some problems with our marriage so I ended up leaving. I started dating my childhood friend which we did have a past so I thought I had known him! He was amazing.... At first....

He was thoughtful and loving and so much better than my husband (or so I thought). He cared for me and my kids. I thought I was in love and found my forever. After about 2 or 3 months of dating, that’s when I started to notice some slight differences. He would start to get angry at me over the smallest things. The kid’s toys being in the living room, a couple dirty dishes in the sink, I didn't finish the laundry like I had said that I was planning to do. He would yell about the smallest things.

Well I thought it was just him being stressed out. I was so wrong. The abuse slowly started to get worse. I was smacked in the mouth because I talked back one day. He threw a lamp at me and hit me in the arm because I was allowing my (ex) husband to see his children. Then he got mad one day and took off and didn’t come back home for about a week.

At this point I am 8 months pregnant with my 2nd child. He shows up at my house late at night one night, completely wasted. It was me and my oldest son at home, my ex and his new girl were there, and my dad. Well everyone had left us alone so my man and I could talk. Instead of talking he kept kissing me and telling me he was sorry he left and he loved me. I was still mad but I believed him. I told him to just sleep it off on the couch. He laid down and went to sleep and I grabbed our mutual cell phone off the table and went in the kitchen and sat down to listen to some music.

About 30 minutes later, a text pops up on the phone. "Baby, please come home! I’m sorry, and I love you! Please don’t leave me!" I’m frozen. So I call the number. Long story short it ended up being a cousin of mine that I don’t speak to that he was screwing that whole week he was gone! I’m still on the phone with her when he walks into the kitchen, still drunk and starts peeing on my kitchen floor. I tell my cousin, "and now hes peeing on the dang floor!" And she screamed into the phone "duck down ariale! He’s going to hit you!"

All of a sudden out of nowhere he hit me in the face so hard with his fist that my front two teeth popped out of my mouth and I flew across the kitchen. I flip off my back and tried crawling into the bathroom while the whole time he is kicking me and punching me saying "Bitch, I’m going to kill you and that fucking baby!" My ex ran in to the bathroom, and at this point I’m lying on the floor on my back with him on top of me straddling me hitting me repeatedly in the face, chest, and stomach.

I’m trying to protect my baby from him the whole time and my ex is trying to yank him off me! It was like him being drunk made him invincible! I screamed at the top of my lungs for my dad. And my dad came running from upstairs and grabs a pipe out of the kitchen and started hitting David in the back of the head to get him off of me. At this point my bathroom looked like a murder scene because my blood, my exs blood and my abusive fiancés blood was everywhere! Well somehow I managed to get out from under him and I snatched him up and put him in a choke hold with my legs wrapped around his body and I held him there. I screamed for everyone to get out and get my son out of the house!

They ran, calling 911 as soon as they got out. I talked him down until I felt like he wasn’t going to kill me anymore and then I released him and I tried to make it to the door. He beat me there first and slammed it shut and locked it. Told me to sit on the couch so I did. He sat next to me with a baseball bat and kept apologizing while I was sitting their bleeding out all over my white couch. The cops surrounded the house and he looked towards the back of the house where they were yelling in for him to release me. As soon as he looked back there I ran for that front door like my life depended on it and I really do believe that it did!

I got out and he barricaded himself inside! I told the cops to bust every window and door in my house if they had to just get him out! I ended up going into the hospital that night and his best friend showed up and actually cried his eyes out after he saw what David did to me! My life hasn’t been the same since then...... I can’t stand when anyone holds me down in anyway, and I shy away from most men when they step to close. But my daughter came out perfectly fine and I got back with my husband, the real true love of my life!

I now have severe anxiety but never again will I let myself stay in a position like that one! I’ll always watch for warning signs! I still have the picture of how I looked from that night..... My grandmother still says I looked dead and she has never ever been more scared in her life and I’ve even been ran over by a car before so that says something lol. I now try to help anyone that I see or know that is being abused. I hope that my story will at least reach one person and let them know that they are not alone and won’t ever be alone in this! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

A. Schell