My story started on the 25th July 2011 and ended the 16th July 2015, I met an older man and thought I had it all, made me feel safe and wanted until one day it changed, he became very possessive and controlling, I suffered shoves, punches, disfigurement on my face for days due to taking so many punches on my head, this man also raped me at the end whilst highly intoxicated and drugged, pulled me around like a rag doll when I tried to leave or call the police, one day he was arrested for numerous things and it was then that I finally had the courage to walk away knowing he couldn't get me from prison, it's been 2 and a half years now since I left and I've met a new partner, somebody caring that I love but most of all he loves me, he doesn't hurt me or say horrible things to try and break me, I hope my story gives some woman the courage to try and speak up or come forward because there is help available, I’m not a victim of domestic violence I'm a survivor, I've showed my abuser how strong I am and how I don't now nor will I ever need him, I’m finally happy and feel safe. I don't have any scars from my ordeal well not visible but mentally I am scarred because I suffer with anxiety and suffer with trusting people amongst other things but one things for sure, I no longer feel like a belonging or somebody's property I’m my own person, stronger than ever.