I greatly suffer from mental health issues, most prominently borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. When I was 14 years old, in grade 9, I spent five months in and out of the adolescent psychiatric ward. When I finally got out, I was introduced to someone through a friend. He was 21, and seemed so much older and cooler. And he took an interest in me. He knew I was vulnerable, and impressionable, and he manipulated me. He knew exactly what he was doing to me when I had never experienced dating, or love, sex. I thought that everything was normal. Then came the persistence after I said no to certain sexual acts. I would have to say no, repeatedly, after things started happening. Eventually I gave in because he was so persistent and I thought we loved each other. So I lost my virginity to him. I immediately regretted it, told him to get off of me, and he did. But then he got back on top of me. He also purposefully did not tell me that he had genital herpes, and gave it to me. At 14 years old. Essentially on purpose. I had never felt more violated, but he manipulated me into thinking that he loved me and so I stayed until he got a new girlfriend who he ended up getting pregnant. I have not learned to forgive him, but over the years I have learned to accept that it happened after a lot of exposure therapy.