I was 14 when I got into this relationship for a year it was really nice, she’d anyways show me off to people and shower me with compliments but after we started fighting so much and being so off and on that’s when she’d start to push me around and eventually it got to the point where she’d slap me and kick me. I was just a kid and I didn’t know any better she was older so I thought it was ok, about four or Five months into our second year of dating she got me on the ground and started kicking me and she just wouldn’t stop until I was shaking and sobbing on the floor, she ended up crying and saying she’s sorry and how bad she felt so I had to comfort her, after that she would talk to guys on the internet and she started to cheat on me and told me I was crazy when I confronted her, I ended up breaking up with her after two years of this and I still have such a hard time being in a relationship but I’m recovering, slowly but I am