I don’t normally post things like this but this is something that God has laid on my heart to warn others about. Three years ago I had just got my first iPhone, I was so excited to not be left out from the other kids my age. One thing all the kids my age were doing was downloading chat apps where you could talk to people from everywhere, being 13 I thought it would be fun to try out and therefore did. At first it was fine I just talked to some friends on it and it was fun but the more I was on it the worse things got. I would get messages asking to do awful things but at the time I thought it was fine and I wanted to be “cool” so I went with it. One day I got a message from someone claiming to be a 16 year old girl. She befriended me through text messages and she and I started talking. Sometime later she asked me to Skype her and I agreed. When I got on Skype she and I talked for a while before she asked me to play a game of truth or dare and I agreed. While we were playing she asked me to take of my shirt telling me “we’re all girls” and “don’t be shy” after a while I told her I would for just a second and I did. Right after she hung up and I got a message with the Skype video and her saying that she would post it online if I didn’t meet a list of demands. She also had my name and state so she threatened me both physically, sexually and that she would send it to my family and as she put it ruin my life. After this happened I was forced to make videos and meet people that she found for me to do whatever they said. She later sold the information she got from me to a man who used it further on until I finally told him I would kill myself or call the police because at that point I couldn’t do it anymore.
The reason I’m sharing this is to be a warning to teens, kids, parents that this happens and that you need to be careful who you’re talking to online and if you’re going through something like this that you aren’t alone. This has been so hard to write but it’s something I had to do. Please if you’re going through something like this feel free to message me. Please feel free to share to bring awareness and to protect more people from going through this.

S. Poschen