I was cyber-abused by my 'close friend', who was 10yrs my senior. I was sent a link to a creepy website by a school friend and fellow victim, where people shared nudes without consent, and stalked those who wouldn't send nudes. I wouldn't send nudes, as it's not my thing and I have a partner.
This friend stole my Facebook photos and uploaded them without my consent. He himself tribute the photos and asked others to do the same - to tribute means to masturbate onto a photo and upload the photo and residue online, solely to humiliate the victim. He shared people's contact details, he stole personal items from people such as underwear and uploaded photos of the collection to the website, he took photos of his sleeping friends, and he was involved in convocations about contacting children. There were very young children on that site, and their photos I had to endure when looking for mine still haunts me every day. He had made lists of people who were his next victims, some appearing on his Facebook list even though they did not know who he was when warned. He had made lists, shared contact details and everything. It was blatantly about power, not sexual pleasure. If he wanted pleasure there are a lot of people online who do consent to those activities, but he chose women and children and did not or could not consent. It was absolutely about power over women and children.
I had hundreds of screenshots, all of which I took to the police. I reported it, and I told every single victim that I recognized and traced a few others. I told my parents, we contacted different police services for different counties, we contacted 3 MPs, we contacted the police, and we knew and told his area manager. I will not rest until he is punished. I will not be controlled or defined by him. I will gain self-control back over my body, my photos and my life.
This story is for free, this story is for everyone on that disgusting website.

F. Smith