I was in a relationship with a guy for 3 years. The first year was amazing. The second year thing began to change. Every so often he would comment on how I looked (not in a good way) and the genuine way I was - this soon turned to everyday. He called me fat, tried to force me to start gym even though he knew I suffered with anxiety and physically and mentally could not find the strength to go, he would laugh at my bad skin and spots, say how he didn't like my makeup an never made an effort. He would make comment about my breasts and bum when I was naked and call me names when I didn't want to sleep with him. Towards the end of the relationship he got physical. Once he pinned me down by my throat until I couldn't breathe and then told me he wants sex. He also pulled me by my hair and by my ear piercing and made me sleep on the floor because he didn't want me in the same bed as me. He would ask if I thought it was weird that he may touch me whilst I was sleeping (whether or not he did this I do not know.) When he ended things he said I made him sick and disgusted him. But thanks to him I am happier now, because I was too afraid to end things or say how I feel. However I don't think that I will ever be able to trust another man. I know that many people go through a lot worse than what I have but this has given me the chance to speak up anonymously and share this, so thank you.