After a night of drinking on New Year’s, we were on the way home and my boyfriend left me to use the toilet and that’s when it started. An older man came up to me and started chatting to me, being slightly intoxicated I politely replied, however this made him think it was okay to start grabbing me and touching me, he was asking me to leave with him and trying or drag me with him. Still touching my private areas, I told him I was waiting for my boyfriend and managed to get away from him. However other younger guys saw this and as soon as I was away from the older guy they surrounded me and were laughing and trying to pull my skirt down, a young girl pretended to be my friend and got me away thankfully. I’m so thankful nothing else happened and soon after my boyfriend came and wiped my tears and let me cry on him the whole way home. I felt so gross and kept asking myself maybe if I was a little less dressed up it wouldn’t have happened to me, I’m okay now, I still have them moments that induce anxiety but I have a great support system around me and an amazing boyfriend. It wasn’t my fault. If anything has happened to you please open up to someone, it makes it so much easier. I hope you’re okay, stay strong.