When I was 15 I met a guy and fell head over heels in "love" with him or at least that's what I thought, crazy me eh? It was great at first until out of nowhere he changed. It went from a typical teenage relationship to no more talking to friends and family, to no makeup, no more going to school, no more living at home with my family, no more wearing my own clothes because they were "too slutty" for his liking, no more eating, when I was home I had to video call him and couldn't hang up even when I went to bed, and when I did go to school I had to have him on the other line in case some guy talked to me, and had to hide behind the stairs and talk to him on the phone between classes. Then it got worse, I was never allowed to say "no" to him. He wants sex? Can't say no or else I'm cheating, he wants to go out with other girls? Couldn't say no either. Every time I said no, he'd beat me until I gave him what he wanted, unless of course it was sex. Then he beat me and took it anyways. It got to the point where he destroyed my birth control, got me pregnant, and when he found out he beat me until the baby was dead. Although, I think the worst thing he ever did was take a butcher knife to my throat and almost severed my trachea or at least that's what the medical report said. I'm so glad I got away from him, but time to time he still comes and sees me at work because he gets a kick out of seeing me have a panic attack and not being able to do a damn thing about it.