I was abused by my parents as well, but I decided 2 stories of sexual assault is easier than 18 years of the Black mirror episode that was my childhood. I don't talk about these instances very much, simply because they are well, hard for people to believe.

Both instances happened when i was 9. But the culprits were my classmates and their older siblings. Most people don't think kids are capable of the door I went through, but I digress.

I went to a gifted academy, where one of the ideas that was thier thing was that gifted kids flourish with more responsibility. This in many ways was true- the set up was like a high school for elementary agreed kids. However, this also means kids were left alone a lot, (think a massive recess area with 3 playgrounds and a football feild sized area of grass... it was a nice ass school as far as the grounds and material) and got a little Lord of the Flies esque.

First incident had happened after being bullied for a while. The bullies in question cornered me in the back of the bus, held me down and stuck their hands down my pants to check and see if I had pubes yet. After this my sister convinced me to go to the school about that, and the other incidents of bullying- which were often violent, such as being tossed off playgrounds and having rocks tossed at me.

So I went to the authorities, problem is one of the bullies was the daughter of the person I went to- so she didn't believe me. Fast forward to the next football game and we arrive at incident 2.

Leading up to this moment my bullies had been treating me in a way I now realize was suspiciously nice, and I thought I had finally gotten in their good graces. Normally for the local football games the kids would all go play in the woods next to the football feild, and I was usually not invited. This time I was, and I went to the woods where I was promptly jumped.

I don't remember much of the incident other than someone telling the others not to hit mycface cause my dad would see, and I remember "waking up" to being held down and molested, vaginally and anally.

My sister and her friend came looking for me- according to her- about 45 mins after I had left, and they broke up the scene. My dad at the time didn't believe me when I told him what had happened, even with my sister backing me up. In fact we got grounded for lying. And after that it was a secret between my sister and I until I it got dragged out in my parents divorce, but that's a different horror story.