Here is a little bit about my story. I was 15 and went out with a boy that was 20 he got me pregnant I had a baby girl when I was 16 years old, he was hurting me everyday almost and always abusing me mentally, emotionally and physically thru our whole relationship and it got worse when his dad passed away, his dad actually passed away when I was pregnant with our first child Angelina. When I was 19 he got me pregnant again with our second daughter Callista. He injured my back when I was pregnant with Callista and to this day my back has something wrong with it, it takes away from my life and my children being in pain like this! Our second daughter callista was born and little did we know our lives were going to change drastically after two days staying at the hospital we went home while at home I was trying to breastfeed Callista and she kept choking so I took her to the hospital me and her dad Coleman went. They were going to send me home and I kept pleading that something was wrong with her and they checked her oxygen level and it was 72 supposed to be 100 so we knew something was wrong right there and then. They said they were keeping us over night so Coleman went home and I stayed with Callista at the hospital. The next day they sent us to Toronto by ambulance that’s where I found out she had 30 percent chance of living with surgery and no chance living without it, they originally wanted to wait until she was 6-9 months old but she started to get sick so fast so they said we were having her surgery the next day. She had open heart surgery when she was 6 days old it took 9 and a half hours and it was the worst thing I had ever been thru in my life! I told Coleman that if he hurt me again with our sick daughter in our care then that was it. He didn’t do anything while in Toronto. He stayed at the Ronald McDonald house and I stayed at callistas side, so we eventually have to be transferred to Peterborough hospital until callista got better. We then got to go home and we weren’t home two weeks and Coleman beat the crap out of me so I said I was done he said “no you aren’t you won’t do anything” so I went to the police and charged him. He stayed away from me for the year because there was a restraining order on him. Well after that year we try it again. We got along so well everything was perfect and I thought everything had changed and one day it happened again I left him but didn’t call the cops that time. He later ruined my whole wardrobe with eggs mustard ketchup and honey he poured it all over it and when I went to get it he just laughed I was devastated. I moved on I met my now husband and we had a daughter together and I was pregnant again and suddenly my abuser my ex my father of my first two daughters just dies and it was the hardest thing I ever had to go thru in my life this was 7 years ago when he passed away and my daughters struggle every day. I also struggle because even tho he hurt me all the time I loved him so much