When I was about 15-16 I was seeing this older boy who I guess you wouldn’t even consider being a boy since he was really like 23 years old.. we were never dating but we did have sex, after a while he brought up filming us doing it for his own entertainment, I wouldn’t agree, I said no but finally after being annoyed for over an hour I gave in and let him record it on his laptop. One of the worst mistakes of my life... he held it against me for everything (if I didn’t send nudes, talk dirty, come over to his house and really just anything) . he also slept with two of my friends (they didn’t know we were sleeping together, I was keeping it lowkey but HE knew who they were to me) when I didn’t wanna see him anymore because of him having sex with my friends and he threatened to use the video and show all my friends, post it on porn websites. (CHILD PORN?) He took screen shots from the video and sent them to not only me but another girl who I know to show her how much of a “slut” I really was, afterwards she messages me sending all the pictures of us, and telling me all of the horrible things he was saying abou me. he kept send me different pictures almost every day from the video. I was very disgusted in myself and for letting him record us. I felt like a slut. This continued for months until he finally let it go and left me alone after probably since I mentioned if he didn’t stop I would contact the police, I still feel disgusted with myself for letting him manipulate me the way he did. You can say no 100 times but that doesn’t mean anything to somebody who knows what they want and are determined.

NO MEANS NO NOT ASK 100 TIMES UNTIL YOU GET YOUR WAY! I wish I left, I really could’ve. But I was so caught up in him and his looks and the fact that he wanted ME. Thinking back now, I am 18 years old that age gap is disgustingly large.. I can’t beleive that I was like gullible