When I was in college I had a close knit group of friends. One of them I'd go on to date the other began dating the other girl in the group. The guy I was dating dropped out but we stayed together long distance. The other guy and my female friend we hung out all the time as they tried to keep me from being too over it. The guy became like a brother to me his parents watching out for me as I wasn't welcome home at the time. Until he seemed to be in some trouble. A few weird calls and some texts and messages I received started the beginning of a narrative. He was sucked into the intelligence game and being used as a guinea pig by them. This would seem insane except that the threats to my family and his seemed credible. And most of my family had been intelligence. And as he knew I struggled with paranoia because of my mental illness. Because of this he was able to black mail and rape me for 2 years because I refused to abandon what seemed to be a friend in a terrible predicament. He made it seem like outside forces were blackmailing both of us into the sex rather than him manipulating me. Until a 3rd party revealed how fake it was because they saw me as a cheating slut...but in a way I'm grateful to them because they saved me.