Where to begin, well i was in a relationship with my ex boyfriend for about 2 and a half year, and i thaught everything was going great even though everyone told me that he was going to hurt me and leave me for someone better, but me being me i let all the sly comments slide and went on with my relationship.. only then i found out what he was really like.

when i eventually found out what he was like i was too scared to leave the relationship, i was inlove with him i didnt want anything to jepordise that..he started off by calling me horrible names and making me feel like i wasn’t worth anything that’s when the bad stuff started happening.

We were in bed one day and he tried to seduce me.. i told him i didnt want to do anything with him and he still carried on, i tried pushing him off and that still didnt work, he eventually forced him self on me and he didnt stop ever since that day i felt ashamed of myself i felt worthless and ugly, he kept doing that for a while until i had the courage to eventually say no and well he started abusing me and treating me like a rag doll.

He never let me go out the house on my own never let me socialize with family or friends it was either see him or stay in the house, i didnt know what to do i didnt want to tell anyone, i felt like if i told someone what he was doing i would be dissowned, eventually people started noticing a change in my my attitude my appearance and the lack of seeing people.

Eventually everything started to come together, i left him for good and blocked him on every social media and mever told him where i went.. now im engaged to the love of my life and i couldnt be any happier ...

To anyone who is afraod to tell someone and stand up to what you want DONT BE AFRAID, your worth more than what people say every woman/man is beautiful just the way they are ..

Thank you for letting me share my story X