It was my second semester at my college 3 hours away from home. I met a guy and it seemed great at first. He was sweet, even charming. He picked me up one night but didn’t tell me his friend was with him, and said oh, we’ll drive you back to your dorm and proceeded to drive past it, and I didn’t think much of it. I thought it was a mistake. He dropped his friend off somewhere and told me to get in the front seat, he was going to take me home.

I got in the front seat and then he took me into the middle of nowhere, all while I was protesting and telling him to take me back. He said we’ll go back soon, I just want to hang out. We drove for hours in the middle of the country in the backwoods until I had no idea what county we were even in. And then forced my head into his lap. If I pulled away, he would let go of the wheel and speed up so I would have to grab the wheel and I got scared of dying or the truck flipping and never getting to see my family again.

I fought but he was stronger and I gave in after an hour or so. I was exhausted. I let him do what he wanted to get it over with. Then he pulled in front of a church. A church I would later find out belonged to his granddad. He came around to my side and pulled my shorts down and proceeded to stick his fingers in me while I just lay there crying. When he was done, he drove back to my college town and dropped me off at a Walmart where my friends found me. I had to tell my story over and over again to the cops. My mom picked me up that weekend and it took everything in me to go back to talk to the cops. They told me they were going to get him. They weren’t going to let him get away with it. They said they were going to investigate. They started to. They let him go. He got away with kidnapping and assault. And my life was ruined. I transferred colleges after I started failing classes and I haven’t seen my friends since.

Ladies, before you get into a car with a man at night. think about how your parents would react to a call that you were missing, murdered, or how it would hurt your mother to think about her little girl calling her in the middle of the night and telling her that she needed to be picked up and breaking down into sobs to tell her that she was kidnapped and assaulted. Protect yourselves.