It was first year of university. I was still 17. I was headed on a night out with all my friends and had been drinking way too much (I will note that at my university you can get into the student union club for nights out though you must wear a different colored band).

Whilst in the club I met a friend from home who I had not seen in a long time. We decided to get a drink. He had to get the drinks as I was obviously underage. He got the drinks and we decided to sit in a seat we thought I would get caught. However I was caught by the bouncers in the club and was asked to leave. I was fined £25 for drinking and was barred from the club until I could pay it.

I was escorted from the club by two very big male bouncers who could tell I was extremely drunk and unsure what was really happening. They left me standing outside on my own. I found a couple of my friends in the line for the club and went over to them for help as I was extremely drunk and unsure what to do. Then I was suddenly pulled and pushed by one of the bouncers telling me to fuck off. From this point I do not remember a single thing.
I have no recollection of how I got home, how I got into my student halls or anything.
I woke up and a guy was on top of me. I was fully naked and he was having sex with me. I asked him to stop several times and he never. He held my arms down so hard that I couldn’t move my body. It got to a point we’re the words just wouldn’t come out of my mouth and I just lay in silence with tears falling from my eyes. When he left I got up to go to the bathroom and there was my clothes on the floor, surrounded in sick and blood. There was also sick on my bed.

I have to see this boy every day whilst at university and live with what hadn’t happened. At first I didn’t want to admit to it as I thought I had possibly been in the wrong. It is a moment that had affected me greatly and I have lost trust in men from this.