While I was growing up my parents were addicts, of many things. Meth, pills, alcohol, I remember one night laying in the living room on the couch with my mom when my dad grabbed her and started beating her. We ended up staying at a family friends for a few days, my dad beat my mom a lot but she never left. It wasn’t until I was 16 when my father left.

At the age of 5 was the first time I was subjected to sexual assault. I was molested my oldest brothers friend. I remember going to the bathroom and when I wiped it had blood on it. At the age of six my older brother started raping me. It was until I was 13 he stopped. At the age of 12 my uncle attempted to molest me and my sister laid between us and he ended up raping her. And at the age of 18 a very good friend of mine attempted to rape me at a party.

When I was 15 I got into a relationship. I thought he was amazing. He was perfect in every way to me. I fell in love. I didn’t see the signs, him grabbing and brushing my arm, or pinching the skin on my arms. About 1 1/2 years later I was pregnant, at the age of 16, that’s when it got bad. He would throw me on the bed, choke me, throw my things into a field at different hours of the mornings and I would have to spend hours picking my things up. When our son was 4 months old, On July 2nd 2017, right after I had come home from a heart surgery my ex had started to beat me in front of my mom while I was holding my son.

I’ve had many misfortunes in my life, including homelessness, losses of very close friends, I no longer have a relationship with my father, but is never slowed me down. I graduated High School early, I’m now in college getting my RN, have my CNA, am buying my own car, and pay for the roof over my head. When life tries to drag me down I’m always the one to pick myself up. Life has made me wiser, and my past doesn’t define my future.