I am 47 yr. old SURVIVOR OF DOMESTIC ABUSE!! My father beat me and my mother and scared ANYONE who stood in his way including friends family even COPS! The thing I remember the most is the FEAR!! I was sooo afraid of my father he beat my animals along with us too. I no longer talk to my father but believe it or not that WAS HIS CHOICE! I know that I became mother and I raised my beautiful daughter WO hurting hair on her head! I was sooo afraid of her being afraid of me. I couldn’t live with the fact if I hurt her. I still wonder if he ever loved us... but I moved on in my life and I’m happy. I feel sorry for my father and I know now... I COULD NEVER FORGIVE HIM. I take Life one day at time and I never forget but I’m my heart I have forgiven him HES the one who had 3 kids who don’t speak to him! It’s his loss!! You can move beyond abuse just take it day at a time and trust me IT DOES GET BETTER IF YOU WANT IT!!

D. Jasenosky