Have so many. But two stand out the most in my life. One when I was probably about 16 years old and went to a party and went home with somebody ONLY for a safe place to sleep and so I wouldn't have to drive home. There was no flirting; nothing happening before this. We laid in bed, on top of the blankets, and completely clothed and I went to sleep. We weren't even touching. At some point in the night, I was woken up to him trying to take off my belt. I remember being in a drunken stupor and wondering what was going on. He kept trying even though I was pushing his hand away. Thank God he finally stopped and it ended there.

Another is that I had an ex who was extremely suicidal. Maxed out my credit card because he always said that he was going to kill himself because he couldn't pay for x y and z so made me feel guilty for not helping him out. And XY and see we're usually cigarettes, gas, and sometimes going to the bar. He claimed those things helped him feel better, just to make me give in. But, the worse is that he would tell me that sex was the best release for him. So he literally would make me have sex with him so that he wouldn't kill himself. And if I would disagree, then he would say he's going to kill himself and it would be my fault. The emotional abuse that I went through with him was ridiculous. And his parents blames me as well. I never felt so trapped.

I guess another big one is another ex who literally would call me a whore and slut all the time. I couldn't be home 5 minutes late from school, not even enough time to get gas, without him calling me accusing me of cheating and calling me a slut. He was quite a bit bigger than me and would use his size to intimidate me all the time. Backing me into Corners so I felt like I had nowhere to go. He wouldn't let me go out. Ever. I wanted to go to the bar for my best friend's 21st birthday. She lives 4 hours away so it was a big deal that I was even going to get to see her. I was recently really sick so what could it be even drink myself. And he still didn't give me permission to go. Finally I went but I could only be out until 11 p.m. according to him. Another time we got in a fight and I wanted to leave and while I was leaving he opened my door and screamed at me yelling me how I'm a whore. So I went to the bar where my friends were, and I saw him drive up because he followed me. He walked in and in front of everybody called me a slut. Now, I know I just said a couple things about drinking, but it's not like I was an alcoholic and wanted to drink every night. Those are probably just the few times I could actually go out during our entire relationship.