My whole perspective of this sad excuse for a human being I called my children's father.

It was the night of a holiday just finishing up. I didn't care much for holidays anymore because I had no family around at the time. I had just gotten a job with a company that was building up there store and I was an assembler. We had off for the holiday but next day we needed to be there 7 am sharp to continue to open in time. I had just put my boys to sleep and my daughter only being 1 1/2 at the time was still up just trying to get to bed.

I get a knock on my door. It's their father asking me why I didn't bother to come to his family's holiday gathering. I told him I work tomorrow and I just didn't feel like bringing my kids out in the cold. Mind you I didn't know it was actually quite warm out that night. Highly unusual for that time of the year. He proceeded to get on my nerves by asking me to have sex. I politely said no cause I had to be up early the next day and its already late and I'm bothered anyways (missing my family because we are usually together for the holidays).

He then proceeded as I had placed our daughter in her crib he began to follow me around the house begging and touching me trying to turn me on. I again said no I'm really not in the mood. He then pulled me by my arm and pulled away and we fell on the floor and he picked me up and so I told him to leave cause I really don't want to I'm not in the mood so he left and he stood on my porch. I had went to change the garbage bag and put it on my porch and he proceeded to closed the front door and had locked me out and said "I'm not letting you in are you going to fuck me? I’ll let you in if you fuck me." I told him not to let me in you're wasting my time I have to get to bed then he let me back in and then proceeding to again agitate me with the begging.

And I told him no if that's all you care for you can leave. And I shut off my lights and proceeded to go to bed to sleep. He came into my room and bothered me more and he started to force himself onto me and I kept telling him no he opened my legs and kept trying to force himself in but my legs are a lot stronger than my upper body so he got upset and even more when I cried out "get off of me!" mind you my daughter was still awake. He proceeded to ask "what the fuck is wrong with you?" then he pulled me by my hair onto the floor as my daughter began to yell crying he pulled me by my hair out of the room and in fear I couldn't believe what happening I yelled out "help! Help me!" and he told me "are you crazy?" then he smacked me multiple times and punched me in the head to get me to stop, I cried.

He walked away to get his things but as I was crying I went to my room and got my bat that my family member told me to keep since I lived in a 1st floor of my apartment building. And I attempted to hit him because I was scared for my life at this point. But I couldn't take it out I was exhausted and he tried retrieving it from me as we fought over it I had no idea where I had gotten the energy from to do this but he pulled on it and threw it on the floor before he hit me to the ground. And he ran out the door. I still in shock ran to find my phone so that they could find him but he took my phone as I was yelling for crying on the floor. I ran to my neighbor next door frantically knocking asking her to use her phone to call the police. They didn't find him but a month later he turned himself in from running from this.