This time last year I was a victim of revenge porn, I had been pressured into sending naked photos to my boyfriend at the time and he saved them and then a few days later he broke up with me. I was so broken it’s just the fact I had trusted him and gave him my body, well fast forward to a day later.

My friend was like ‘hey is this you’ and oh my god it was the photo I sent my ex-boyfriend I denied it then things started getting worse people were getting the photos and that’s when I stopped going into school. I couldn’t face the world all I wanted to do was hide and sleep all day then this is where the anxiety and depression kicked in.

I couldn’t leave the house I couldn’t speak to anyone I completely shut myself from the world then one day I tried to commit suicide, I had so many failed attempts I just stopped and started self-harming pretty bad I got put on anti-depressants then things started to get better after finally a year of not going into school no one remembered the photo and I was finally happy but now maybe I think I should have spoken up because one photo can end a life!