It happened near the end of my freshman grade year, I had just possibly changed my future by joining a pageant that would lead me to be Miss USA. I had cleaned up my act and changed myself to become a better role model for my city and state.

A month after the pageant, I made a huge mistake. I began talking to a boy who lived here. I liked him a lot, but I had always felt that I was never going to be good enough for a boy. One night while messaging each other, he had asked for a nude photo of me. I had never done something like that, but I felt that I could trust him so I did. He screenshotted the photo and I instantly knew I had messed up. I asked him to delete the photo, and he told me he did.

The next day at school, I had told my old best friend what I did. She told me not to worry because everyone our age did it. She had comforted me with these words and the day went on. That night, a fake Facebook profile of me was created and they added everyone in my town. They posted the photo and it automatically grew shares. Not just in my city? But the photo was spread throughout the state. I was so humiliated. Slurs like "whore" "hoe" and "nasty" were thrown out about me. I felt so embarrassed, I didn't want to go to school but my mom made me.

I arrived with barely any sleep and as soon as I stepped food in the building, everyone stared at me. They pointed and laughed, even teachers. I found out later on, my old best friend asked the boy for the photo and spread it. She sent it to group chats she was in and made fun of me. My mom eventually found out, and so did the pageant people. I was eliminated from the pageant and can no longer participate. Some people even said teachers had the photo of me and laughed at it. I had to start counseling. It is two years since this incident, and I a much stronger than I was.

I have accepted my mistake and moved on. If anyone else has had nude photos of them spread of the internet, and had mean things said about you, you are not alone. You are strong and much more than words. Sticks and stones can break your bones but do not let words shake you. Stay strong