I was in a very physically & emotionally abusive relationship for 7 months. In that 7 months I sustained 6 concussions was taped up several times & strangled repeatedly. He also shaved my head. I finally was able to get away with the help of my oldest grandson's dad & my stepdaughter giving me a place to stay.

I left my own home of 17 yrs. & everything in it. After 4 months he had another girlfriend & they got a house together, so I was able to return home. That was Feb 2016. I was working 2 jobs as a bartender to survive. He showed up at my house June 13 & tried to kill me. I am partially paralyzed & have abnormal speech because of being strangled unconscious several times once I went 4 minutes without oxygen until my dog who was terrified of him was barking & snapping at him. He stopped strangling me to get her off of him. He punched her & threw her into a wall.

There was 2 other grown men there who did nothing to help me. Just sat there & watched me nearly be murdered! After my dog got him off he started punching me repeatedly in the face & head, I was knocked out twice, & my hand was broken trying to block punches. Finally his cousin wasn't blocking the door very well & I was able to get away & go to my neighbor's for help.

They called 911 & the police got there before he left & arrested him. I spent 3 1/2 months in the YWCA domestic violence shelter in Oklahoma City. My dog (Saphy) came with me. I refused to go to shelter without her. After all she saved my life! I am now living in Ada Oklahoma because I had to stay with 1 of my aunts after exiting shelter. I now have my own apartment through HUD & my dog & I are learning to adjust to our new lives.

I have severe PTSD, anxiety, & depression as a result of this & previous attacks I endured. My dog also has PTSD so we are learning how to live with the mental health issues we have & I'm learning how to live with the physical limitations I now have. He is serving 15 yrs. for what he did to me.

I hope story can help someone going through domestic violence & give them courage & reason to get out of it before they end up like me with permanent physical disabilities as well as mental health issues. I have to take 7 medications, I wasn't on any when I was attacked. One of them suppresses night terrors, but unfortunately not completely. As a result of traumatic brain injury & Hypoxia, I am now like dory from Finding Nemo. I literally can't remember 5 minutes ago. I have post it notes all over my apartment reminding me to take my meds, check mail & a check off sheet for when I shower & brush my teeth because I can't remember if I have done those things without it. Thank you for your time & again I hope my story helps someone!

A. Curtis