He was 12 years older than me and it started when I was around 17, he abused the 'friendship' we had completely. He used the foot in the door technique by getting me to agree to small requests that seemed unreasonable to say no to in order to get me to do other things. It didn't matter if I said no anyway, he wouldn't stop regardless of however I protested, sometimes I was too drunk to do anything but lie there, and when I did protest he would make out that I was upsetting him and that I was an awful person for it, which I believed. Every time we were together it would involve getting very drunk, I don't know why I went back time and time again. I should have said no but I felt unable to. The times I said no to seeing him he would turn up at my house, drive past me in the street or turn up at my work, I felt pressured into going back, knowing what would happen.
I have now removed him from my life, with little explanation to him because he doesn't even deserve it. Anyone who now decides to abuse my trust will not be given a second chance. From this experience I've made myself a stronger, more outspoken person, who can say no, who will not be bartered with when it concerns my body.
I now value myself for what I am, as should everyone, and not stand for this blatant disregard for our feelings by pathetic losers.