I was sitting on my bed when my mom came in, she had been crying. I asked what was wrong and she hesitated. With heart break laced in her voice she said, it’s Molly. They found her dead this morning, her and her husband. She could said any more or she would have broke again. I sat as sadness swept over me, she has 6 kids it’s not real. This can’t be happening, bad things don’t happen to good people. After the police was done with the scene we were told what really happened.

While we slept, safe from the world. She laid in horror as her husband suffocated her. Suffocated her with the same pillow she slept on, safe, for years. He locked the door so no one could stop him. Once reality set in that he had committed murder, he took his life. Leaving 6 kids orphaned, 6 kids who never got the chance to say goodbye. 6 kids who slept sound asleep while their mother took her last breath. 6 kids who will never get to know the reason why.

She suffocated, her voice gone. Even though she is gone, we always remember her. We are her voice, forever speaking the words unspoken.