In October I had cheated on my partner, he chose to stay with me, but week after week he would sometimes do drugs and drink and get really angry, ask me questions about it and put me down. Then he started to hit me, in the car, in our home I front of our little boy. One morning it got so bad, he threw a tape measure at my leg leaving a lasting mark on my leg, he smashed my head against the fridge and the cupboard doors. Leaving my left ear and all of my jaw line completely bruised. I now suffer from tempo mandibular disorder which has affected my eating and everyday life really. He poured a full can of cake on my head, spat in my face and my ear and threw a glass bottle on my head. I tried to get out of the house but each time he dragged me back in strangling me in the process. A passerby rang the police and they arrived and arrested him. He didn't get charged.

C. Harrison