I was verbally abused and sexually assaulted by my ex-husband. We had a little spat once, I had made homemade oatmeal (not out of a microwave package) and told him he should try it because it is really good. He told me no because it wasn't instant. He turned around and I, joking around, flicked a spoon size portion of the oatmeal at his back. Too far? Maybe. I didn't deserve what came next though. He turned around, face bright red, and came 2 inches from my face and screamed. "You f***ing c**t, you don't deserve to be in my presence. Get the f*** out of MY house." Mind you, the oatmeal barely touched his shirt and I had to clean up a grape sized spot off the floor. Our marriage only got worse from there.

This next part that happened, I was in such disbelief at what had happened I didn't know what to do.... It started out with us about to have, well, sex. He wanted anal, I told him no at first, t hen ended up agreeing to it after he begged me, but under the understanding that if it hurt too bad that we would stop. He agreed, and then we preceded to get down to business. Well it hurt. He put it in and I said "no no no, it hurts" and tried to pull away. He then told me, instead of pulling out, "hang on just a minute, I'm almost done" and continued thrusting. I was crying and trying to pull myself toward the edge of the bed to get away all while saying "please please stop it hurts." Once he was finished and I had somewhat gathered myself, I looked up at him in disbelief and said, rather quietly, "You basically just raped me." He didn't even look me in the eye and just got dressed and as he was heading out the door stated "it doesn't count you're my wife."

I should have went to the police or something then but I was in such shock I didn't know what to do. It all happened so fast. Sometimes it's not a stranger, sometimes it's someone who becomes one right in front of your eyes.