Whoever is reading this I hope you get the help you deserve and I promise you will come out stronger?

My story starts with a past relationship which has changed my life completely, I got into this relationship with an open heart not knowing it would be an abusive one, it started off as a normal relationship but after a few weeks there were warning signs, he would be controlling on what I wear, who I hung about with, where I hung about at, he didn't like me wearing makeup, I wasn't allowed to speak to males including best friends which were male or even cousins. He blamed it on him being cheated on in the past and said he was insecure I was naive and let it go. I was isolated from my family and friends and he made me rely on him.

I later found out he was amongst drugs and was taking steroids which was adding up to why he had such a bad temper. I remember the first time he hit me was when he cheated and I tried to leave him he got out his car kicked his car door dented it and wouldn't stop he then pushed me down and hit me. I tried to get away from him and he would follow me he manipulated me in to thinking he had done nothing wrong and I went back to him. He cheated again a few weeks later I asked him to take me home and on the way home he stopped the car and started shouting at me telling me if I loved him I would never leave him, he grabbed my leg and squeezed my leg really tight and wasn't proceeding to call me names and say I didn't care and he would kill himself if I left him when I went to text someone to pick me up he swung for me and gave me a black eye even after he did it he denied it.

When I finally got away from him he posted pictures of me on social media and threatened me even when I blocked him he would email me and phone me on unknown number every day. Even when I went on a night out he would find out where I was through a tracking device he put on my phone and stalk me he attacked me in the street one night and burst my head open he was locked up and got out on bail conditions. Eventually it got too much and I went to the police the police dealt with everything amazing and kept me safe my ex pleaded guilty and I now have a restraining order. Although I have trust issues and I get flash backs I'm stronger than I've been before and very much independent if I can get through that I can get through anything.

I wish I went to the police sooner and I wish I followed my gut feeling in the start and just left him when I knew I should have, anyone struggling with the same kind of trouble I promise you it gets better.