When I was 12, I started dating a boy who was 15. I got close to him and his friends. He cheated on me and really broke me, he was my first proper boyfriend. After we broke up, his best friend was still very close to me. He invited me to his house after all of this to cheer me up; but that wasn’t his only intentions. He ended up raping me, and I walked to the bus stop after. I cried and didn’t leave my room for days. I was sore. I starved myself and was immensely depressed. Almost 3 years later and I’m receiving medication for PTSD. I’m beginning to get back into school and do my exams, and I’m actually happy. It’s been hard, and always will be, but life goes on. It’s been hard, but for anyone out there struggling. YOU are not defined by the person who hurt you. They cannot change who you are. They cannot force you to stop doing things, DONT LET THEM STOP YOU FROM LIVING YOUR LIFE!