So I’m not a newbie to abuse, rape or painful relationships but this one really topped off the cake for me. I dated this guy that I knew would be my other half. He was so much like me and I was in deep love for this guy. Turns out he was killing me emotionally, mentally and physically. It started out with him begging for sex all the time not just all the time but everywhere the zoo at the store at the park. If I said no or begged not to he would make me feel bad about it, or hurt me. But I was in love with him so I had to do what he said right?

Once he realized it upset me to have sex with him so much he would wait till I was asleep , he would force me , he would drug me till I didn’t even know what my name was. He would video most of it, he sent it out when I begged him not to. Posted the videos everywhere, sent them to my old high school that I just graduated from. Sent them to my friends and random. He even sent it to my collage I was planning to go to, as you can guess after I got accepted they called me in for a meeting saying they wouldn’t want someone that acts like that in their school. Completely ruined my life, he broke up with me and he said if I didn’t come over to have sex with him that he would kill me.

I was scared to death and explained I couldn’t have sex with him that it messes with my head so he explained he would cover my ears and my eyes so it’s like it’s not even him that he would hurt me in any way if I said no . While we were together he had sex with so many woman. Had three underage girls pregnant. He was a horrible person and he took a very huge part of my heart and shattered it. I’m working on getting a restraining order on him but I survived the toxic relationship.

M. Smith